Is there acceptable blowby on Devilbiss pump abp-459?

by Wayland

Devilbiss ABP 459 compressor pump

Devilbiss ABP 459 compressor pump

I have a used Devilbiss abp459 pump on a porter cable unit.

I need to take it apart to seal the bottom crankcase gasket. I am trying to determine if it needs rings while I am at it.

When running, there is blow by escaping the breather vent dipstick that can be felt about 6-8 inches away. I haven't exactly timed the fill but its is approx 5 mins from empty to 165 on 80 gal tank.

I am pretty new to compressors, how do I determine if the blowby is within an acceptable amount? It doesn't use any oil, just visually leaks. I tried to tighten up crankcase bolts, made it go from wet weeping to worse visual leak.

Please advise.

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Jan 25, 2016
calculating pump time
by: Anonymous

When calculating pump time, do I use free air cfm rating or lowest cfm rating?

I found the write up you did with the formula.


Jan 24, 2016
Parts for ABP 459
by: Bill

I simply Googled Devilbiss ABP 459 pump and found a number of sources.

Jan 24, 2016
Source for devilbiss parts
by: wayland

Do you have a suggested source for parts?

Jan 24, 2016
Blowby on Devilbiss ABP 459 pump
by: Bill

While all reciprocating compressors will wick air into the oil sump when the pump is running, it should be, if the piston seals are in good shape, minuscule.

That you can feel air escaping from the oil fill cap is an indicator that the piston seals are pretty worn, so yes, it were my compressor, I'd be doing a complete pump rebild including piston rings, gaskets and valve plates.

That should fix the slow fill rate too.

It seems as though finding parts for this pump shouldn't be a problem.

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