Is Sanborn112A300-30 230VDC any good?

by George
(Healdsburg, Ca)

Sanborn 3HP MagnaForce 230VDC

Sanborn 3HP MagnaForce 230VDC

Hi Bill and all, Thanks for the opportunity to ask a question about the Sanborn Compressors. I have an opportunity to pickup a Magna Force 112A300-30 230v at a bargain price and clean it up as Xmas present for my son. Allegedly it runs well but I'll see that for myself when I check it out. I've read the posts here and though I see many of the same complaints I think those same complaints and issues can be found in just about any compressor brand. I'm just curious as to general impressions of the brand and any experiences folks have had with these units specifically(inherent design issues, parts availability, performance etc.) Thnx! George

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