Is Kensun Portable Compressor Satisfactory?

by Rose Robert

Kensun Portable Travel Multi-Use Air Pump Compressor/Inflator Kit

I need to buy an air compressor for the Tacwise Extra Long Nose 71 Staple Tacker as I am upholstering some chairs and an ordinary nose stapler won't do the job. Is the above pump suitable and do i need to buy any other fittings for the pump??


Rose Robert

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Apr 06, 2016
by: Doug in

(What Bill said, and)

I see that the tacwise gun is professional grade (allegedly, anyway).

My question would be about how much and often do you expect to use this thing? Hobby or professional?

If hobby, you might get away with something like an inflator, along with an add-on air tank. I doubt you'd get enough air to actually fire the gun without a tank.

You might try contacting Tacwise to see if they can give you an actual air consumption figure - all I could find was working pressure range, no CFM.

Apr 06, 2016
Tacwise and Kensum
by: Bill

Well Rose, the Kensun is a tire filling compressor with no apparent reservoir or tank.

I don't think this is the compressor you need to run your tack gun.

The Tacwise uses air only when you pull the trigger to drive a staple, yet, if you are driving staples quickly, I wonder if the Kensun can keep up?

You need to know the air consumption of the Tacwise and compare it to the output capability of the Kensun.

The info on Tacwise should be available from the company. I doubt if you can find output info on the Kensun.

You probably want to spend some time reading the pages on this site about buying an air compressor, as they provide details about things to look for to ensure that you've got a good match between compressor and air tools.

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