Is it possible to drain an airtank that is mounted sidways?

by Tim

I have a custom trunk setup where the tank is behind an acrylic wall and is very hard to reach to drain. Tank is currently mounted sideways where the drain valve is pointed towards back seat . Will i be able to drain it from the pressure inside the tank even though it is mounted sideways?

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May 10, 2017
Sideways air tank
by: Bill

Hi Tim... from your question I'm not at all sure of where the actual drain valve is on your tank.

I understand that it's pointing towards the back seat, but is it at the bottom or part way up the side of the tank.

Compressor tanks drain via gravity and pressure. Any water in the bottom of the tank will not be able to exit the tank if the drain is part way up the tank wall, even if there is pressure in the tank.

There is a company manufacture that actually installs their tank drains near the top of the tank. They use a fitting that allows them to put a tube inside the fitting that reaches the bottom of the tank. Then air pressure will push down on the water at the bottom of the tank, and push the water up and out of the tube. That's a modification that you might consider.

I also promote the use of a remove tank drain valve if the drain is under the tank, and sometimes hard to access. Remove the existing drain - with the tank empty of air of course - and install an elbow. Run a line from the elbow out from under the tank, and install a ball valve in that line where it's accessible. Easy tank drain. Just be sure the end of the line isn't on something that can stain from the water and crud that's coming out of the tank.

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