Is an initial burn-in period needed when a new compressor is purchased?

by Rich M.
(Carmichael, CA 95608)

California air tools10020 compressor

California air tools10020 compressor

Hi Bill,

I have purchased an oil-less, 2HP, 10 Gallon Air Compressor from California Air Tools (model 10020). Neither the manual nor your book suggest that I do an initial burn-in run with the the bleeder valve open. However, I have read some blogs that suggest that it is a smart way to ensure that the compressor is properly "seated" from the start and will give extra life in the long run.

What is your opinion?


Rich M.

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Dec 09, 2014
Compressor burn-in period
by: Bill

All of the compressors I have had have indicated in their manual that a burn-in or break-in period is recommended.

The most recent was that the tank drain valve was opened fully, and the compressor let run for 20 minutes or so. That the drain valve is open ensures that the compressor will keep running, as opposed to cycling off when the cut out pressure is reached.

If yours is brand new, I cannot see why a break in run of 20 minutes with the drain valve open would hurt, but really, if the manual doesn't specifically say to do so, and since yours is a "quiet" air compressor, and it is non-lubed, then possibly it isn't necessary.

I'd suggest you ask California Air Tools this question too, but unfortunately, it would appear as though their website, and thereby their contact information, is down.


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