is 140 # shutoff too high on Devillbiss 5HP 20 gallon compressor

by Jeff

Pressure switch for Devilbiss compressor

Pressure switch for Devilbiss compressor

I have a Devillbiss 5HP 20 gallon compressor. The pressure switch shuts it off at 135-140#. The tank says 125# on the side. Is this too high? I cannot see a adjustment. Switch is a Seimens AC-0556. Jeff

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Jul 17, 2017
Compressor adjustment
by: John

The torx bit screw is indeed the high pressure cutoff adjustment, I tried my security bits but none fit fully as the center pin is larger than normal. Needle nose should work fine. Bought a used compressor and was still running at 140, was able to dial it down to 125 with a few tries, after it finally cut off I found I had a leaky check valve... but $15 later all is well.

Sep 30, 2016
homeowner - is 140 # shutoff too high
by: John

Doug is correct on the tool, I have the same issue, when there is pressure in the tank you can turn the screw counter clock wise with pliers but it may take at least a full turn..

Feb 10, 2015
pressure switch
by: Doug in

I can't tell for sure from the picture, but if the screw head between the push on electrical is an adjustment, then it appears to require a security star bit. You should be able to find a set for a few dollars at the local big box or hardware store.

However, there are usually two adjustment screws, so it's not clear exactly what effect the adjustment will have.

Feb 10, 2015
Image of pressure switch
by: Bill

Jeff, I have moved the photo to this thread.

The brass screw you see in the middle of the pressure switch "should" adjust the pressure range. I would surmise that turning the screw 1/2 turn to the left would reduce both the cut in and cut out pressures but am not sure.

Trial and error is in order here.

I think it's a Torx screw.


Feb 10, 2015
shutoff sw
by: Anonymous

I have a pic here of the Devillbiss pressure sw I am trying to adjust. Does this take a special srewdriver?

Feb 10, 2015
Devilbiss pressure switch
by: Bill

Jeff, when I tried to find info on your Devilbiss compressor, I found instead an older source for the pressure switch for this model. The pressure switch has an upper pressure setting of 125 PSI.


100-125 PSI
ON: 100 PSI
OFF: 125 PSI
120V, 240V

I think, therefore, that your compressor has had a new pressure switch installed at some time, and the pressure settings are too high for this compressor.

If you cannot dial down the cutout pressure on the switch to 125 PSI, my suggestion is that you get a new pressure switch for it, with a cut out pressure at 125 PSI and a cut in pressure of 100 PSI.


Feb 10, 2015
by: Jeff

The Devillbiss compressor is a model IRFB5021-WK

Feb 09, 2015
Tank pressure too high
by: Bill

OK, if this were my compressor, and the compressor tank rating was 125 PSI maximum pressure, I would not exceed that pressure rating. Ever!

I find it passing strange though that a Devilbiss compressor with a 135-140 PSI cut out pressure switch is on a compressor tank that is rated for 125 PSI?

Has your air compressor been rebuilt? Is there a new switch that has a higher cut out pressure than the old.

Cannot answers these questions myself as you don't provide a model number for the compressor, and that means I cannot try to find the original specs.

There is still a Devilbiss company out there, see the info on this page. You may want to contact them for guidance on this issue too.


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