Iron Horse 60 Gallon filled up to 90 psi then shut off by itself now won't start

Got my compressor wired up properly ran it once filled up to 90 psi shut off by itself and sounded like it was normal.

Used it but then it never started up to fill up again.

Still wont start and tank is completely empty.

It is getting power still.

It is a 60 gallon Iron Horse 6.5 hp stand up compressor. Any ideas?
If the tank is empty, the pressure switch should have tripped to passing, allowing power to reach the motor circuit to start the air compressor motor.

Assuming you have power at the source, and it is off sufficient amps (30 amp breaker) use a multi-meter to determine if power is on the motor side of the switch. If so, then the pressure switch is working.

Shut the power off, then turn it back on, while listening to the motor.

If you have power on the motor side of the pressure switch, and if that power has sufficinet amps for your motor size, and you hear absolutely nothing from the Iron Horse compressor motor when you turn the power on, my guess is that the start capacitor is the problem.


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