IR P100 tow behind wont re start

by BroMur
(Galway, Ireland)

I have an IR P100 tow behind. yesterday after running for about 5 hours I switched it off.

About 10 minutes later I attempted to restart it but to no avail.

24 hours later and it still wont start. I am assuming some type of a reset switch??.... Help ... Urgent

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Jan 28, 2017
wont re start
by: Doug in

Ha! Good work.

As to a manual, you probably won't find one for free, but if you google around you should find a source, even if it's on ebay or somesuch.
Might start at IR to see what they want for one, if they have it.

Good luck

Jan 28, 2017
P100 won't start
by: BroMur

Doug, Thank you for your reply. The issue was that the compressor would crank and crank and crank but just not start. i have never had a problem in the four years I have the machine.

I new it had to be something simple, and it was.... a wire had come off the key switch!

Any idea where I'd find a manual for this machine?

Jan 16, 2017
P100 restart - not
by: Doug in

So, what happens when you try? Does it crank?

Is the engine air intake open? Fuel?

Does it have a bypass button? Maybe loose connection on that.

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