IR EP 25 rotary screw keeps blowing belts

by Greg James
(Elmira NY 14904)

My old IR EP25 rotary screw has been blowing belts as of the last couple months. We checked the pulleys, alignment, tensioner, fixed oil leak near shaft, replaced oil with IR recommended oil and nothing works. It can run good for 1hr or 1 day but it always ends up blowing the belts. On the control panel it has 2 switches. unload/normal and on/off-line/modulate. Mine are set at normal and modulate. The belts appear to be blowing sometime after compressor has filled all the tanks. Maybe during load/unload cycle?? I don't know. Something is creating a strain on the belts causing them to heat up and bust. Thanks for any help you can offer. Greg

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Feb 07, 2017
by: Carl

2 things that I can think of to have a look at.
I'm guessing that you are using the belt recommended for the machine? Sometimes using copies or solid belts can overheat as the pulleys are too tight an angle for them.
Secondly, have a look at your mounting rubbers which your motor may be attached too. If the rubber is soaked with oil or just old, they may move that little bit too much whilst going from star to delta or going offload to onload, it may just be enough to throw the alignment out.
Hope that helps?

Feb 06, 2017
blowing belts
by: Doug in

Can you try normal and on?

Are the belts showing deterioration after an hour or two, or just snapping?

Bad belts?

And the tensioner moves freely? I mean, it doesn't bind over its travel?

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