Regulator recharging to lower level?

by Kurt
(San Jose, CA, USA)

Hi all, new to pneumatic tools / compressor.

Have an IR garage mate, 2hp, 20 Gallon compressor and have my regulator set at 90 psi (per the tool I'm using).

When I use the tool (1/2" impact) it of course decreases the line pressure and when I stop using it, it of course goes back up.

I understand the concept of the regulator in this case, but I find that it never goes back up to the number I dialed in, but 10psi or so below.

Is it unreasonable that it should go back to 90 psi once I stop using the tool? It ends up charging the line back up to around 80 or so. Do most people not worry about this and use the regulator as merely a max setting or should it be that exact when re-charging the line pressure?



Bill says...

Kurt, what I'm thinking, while reading your post, is that your air gauge is pooched.

Let the compressor run to normal cut out, make a note of that tank pressure, dump the air, and then swap the tank gauge with the regulator gauge to see if the 10 PSI discrepancy shows up on the tank gauge.

If so, live with the variance or get a new gauge. If it's not the gauge, then it may be the regulator wearing out. If you cannot live with the 10 PSI variance, spring for a new regulator.

Remember, all of the components for your DIY air compressor were manufactured by the company with the lowest bid. Cutting costs always cuts quality.



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Jul 25, 2011
Regulator gauge
by: Kurt

Thanks Bill. To clarify it is the regulator gauge I'm referring too. It never recharged back to the set 90. I can open it up again to have it charge the line back to 90. But then when I use the tool (impact wrench) it drops and charged back up again but only to 75-80 psi versus the 90 I set the regulator too. I don't detect leaks since it can hold 90 if I'm not using the tool. If it's Just a reading I can live with that but I'm thinking my tool is also not as powerful the next time I turn it on since the regulator is at 75-80 instead of 90. Any other ideas? Or do you still think gauge issue? So typically it should charge the line to what you set the regulator at right?


A working regulator will reduce the supply pressure to the set point desired for the downstream application. As long as the air supply upstream of the compressor can keep up with the downstream demand, the air pressure through the regulator will be constant. If the tool is using more air than the compressor can generate, the air pressure will decay, and regardless of what the pressure is set to on the regulator, the pressure will fall, and continue to fall until the compressor can keep up demand at that lower pressure. When the tool stops, the air pressure increases as the compressor catches up, until once again the regulator gauge reads the set point.

The compressor will keep running until the cut out pressure is achieved.

If the regulator gauge reads 10 PSI below the set point, and the pressure in the tank is above that level, then either it's the gauge that's pooched, or it is the regulator. I don't see any other options.

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IR 60gal vert.motor will not start

by stormy
(pv ok us)

motor is at room temp got power going to motor from switch drained all air from tank contacts making up overload switch not on its a IR 60gal vert. 4 years old never no prob. it has a starting compaster and a run compaster no humming from motor just dead any help would be great...

Bill says...

Stormy, you have done all the prelim troubleshooting already. If the start capacitor has faulted, there may be no noise, but no motor start either.

This were mine, I'd pull the motor and capacitor to have them tested.



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Ingersoll Rand TS5N5 - compressor auto-shuts off after a few seconds, power is good, motor is cool

I have an Ingersoll Rand TS5N5 vertical piston compressor with 80 gal tank that has seen very light use (it is 5 years old but has no more than 10 hours of running time). The motor is 230v /1 phase /60Hz rated at 5HP continuous duty and draws 22.5 full load amps.

What happens is the compressor only runs for a few seconds and then shuts off. The higher the tank pressure the shorter the motor runs befors shutting off. If I drain the tank completely to 0 psi, the motor will run for 80-90 seconds and fill the tank to approx. 50 psi then it will shut itself off (the pressure switch knob flips from Auto to Off). If I wait a few minutes and turn the knob back to Auto, it will run for another 40 seconds or so, filling the tank from 50 to approx. 70 psi and again shut iself off. The higher the tank pressure the shorter the duration before it shuts off. Higher load = shorter time to shut-off.

This sounds to me like the motor's thermal protection circuit shutting it down but the motor is still cool to the touch. I find it hard to believe it is a power issue (it is fed by a dedicated circuit using AWG #8 wire and a 50 amp breaker. No other loads on the circuit. Voltage reads 243v at the compressor).

It never used to behave like this and now it can't even fill the tank from 0 to 50psi. It used to run continuously no problem. Could this be a faulty switch? Or is my motor fried after less than 10 hours of use?

Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks....

Bill says...

Dean, if this were my compressor, I would be getting the motor capacitor(s) checked. That's what it sounds like to me.



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complaint for Ingersoll Rand air

by Rich
(Winter Haven Fl)

Trying to download a manual for Ingersoll Rand air compressor #2475n75. At the website you need a password which I don't have and my support from American Compressor service inc in Fl. was no help. I have a serial but no password this isn't top secert stuff is it.

Bill says...

Hi Rich. So let me get this straight. You go to the site to download a manual (I did too, by the way), you are asked for a password (as I was) but no one at IR can give you any idea what the password might be?

I don't know who American Compressor service inc is, I guess a distributor. If they sold you your compressor though, they should be able to provide you with the serial number of your compressor, and for goodness sake, they should know where to get the password!

Why not contact IR directly? On the same page where you cannot download the manuals, click the HOME button, and at the bottom of that page, there is a contact us button. Input the info and your zip code for your closest contact.

Good luck.

Trying to work with world wide companies is such fun, isn't it?


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Jan 28, 2012
No password, no manual...grrrrr
by: Anonymous

I have the exact same problem. No password. I tried contacting them directly but only get a form response.

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