IR Charge Air Pro recall notice from 2002 is still in effect.

by Mike

IR Charge Air Pro tank recall

IR Charge Air Pro tank recall

I purchased the IR Charge Air Pro model number IR250E20 in 1988. I needed to find check valve parts when I came across the recall notice from 2002 for tank corrosion. I went ahead and pulled the check valve/pressure switch head so I could look inside and there was significant corrosion.

I'm a retired power plant engineer and there is no way I would have pressed that tank back up even after doing a 1.5 x MAWP hydrostatic test. The picture from my cell phone camera that I've attached doesn't do it justice. I have a cheap ($20) Amazon borescope that attaches to my phone and there are impressive corrosion pits that appear up to 3/16 deep.

The options from IR are $200 off of 4 different models of IR compressors or a $100 gift card. IR arranges for return freight of the old unit to IR

Thanks for the great website and pointing me to that recall. I have no doubt that tank would have either had a localized leak or a thin lipped catastrophic failure.

If you have one of these units, please do an inspection.

Thanks again


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