Intermitant Unloader valve leaking

by Craig

Older unloader valve

Older unloader valve

I have an older 2hp Craftsman 10 gal compressor that leaks after a few minutes of running.

I thought it was the pressure switch leaking air, but it was the unloader valve.

It appears the lever from the pressure switch is not retracting away from the valve and presses on it causing a leak. If i push the lever away it stops. Does this mean the diaphram is weak and not holding firm? Therefore falling back and triggering the unloader valve?

Nothing is loose causing misalignment with the switch lever. Could it be unloader is weak and pushing on switch lever and popping open? i dont want to waste money on a pressure switch if its not actually leaking.
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Dec 29, 2017
Unloader leaking
by: Bill

Craig, presumably you are hearing / feeling the leak when the compressor is off, yes?

Where is the air coming from?

With the compressor off the air has to be coming from the tank, and that, my friend, suggests you have a small, air-pressure-related leak in the tank check valve.

Before you go further with the unloader valve, empty the air, pull the tank check valve, inspect, clean and reinstall it.

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