intake filter for a speedaire 3z199 5 hp single stage compresor

(yoakum tx)

i need 2 air intake filters for a speedaire 3z199 5 hp single stage compresor, can you give me the part #. or tell me where to find them

Bill says...

If you haven't checked with Grainger, since this is their house brand compressor, you should. Click the Speedaire link to get help on finding your local outlet.

I've posted this now, so hopefully someone can advise where else to get a part.

I don't know what the intake filter looks like, but if you can open it up, first try to clean the element.

If it can't be cleaned, then buy a furnace filter, and cut it to fit the intake filter housing.

As far as I'm concerned, that will work just fine, and probably save you some dough.



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