Ingersoll Rand XP375 Shutting off after opening ball valve.

by Armando Miranda
(Houston, Tx)

Im working on a Ingersoll Rand XP375 skid mount. The machine has a small in-line 4 Cummins, think its a b39, not so sure.

The problem Is that once the machine is started, warmed up and producing air at the ball valve, I open the ball valve half way and the engine shuts down.

It has been recently PM.

It has a new fuel filter, oil change and compressor end serviced has been done as well.

I thought I would check the turbo boost and manually I can rev the engine to full throttle. The max turbo boost pressure I'm getting is 14-16psi.

I was thinking it could be a compressor end problem, a valve not working right and maybe loading the engine a lot to a point it shuts down.

Or a regulator could be bad.

At start up its at 0psi. once loaded it shoots up to 130psi and I can regulated to 150psi. But once again when the ball valve is opened half way slowly. The machine shuts down.

Any pointers on what could it be?Please feel free to call me at anytime, day or night.713-301-4759 or write me an e-mail at,

Armando from Houston Tx.

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Jul 16, 2014
Armando -
by: Doug in

Is the engine getting more throttle as you open the valve or not?

It sounds as though it's not getting fuel adequate to keep running.

If the throttle seems to be working, then I'd double check the filters - basically re-do the service to make sure there is nothing foreign or broken in the service items, and that anything disconnected during service is correctly re-connected.

Jul 15, 2014
engine low power
by: Anonymous

Once the air is built-up, I open the ball valve and the engine bogs down and shuts off. Like if the engine doesn't have enough power to run the compressor end. It sounds like dirty fuel filters but this thing already has been pm and has new air filters. Fuel pressure is there, boost pressure is there and the engine still shuts off. What else could it be? Any suggestions? Could it be any of the compressor regulators or valves?

Jul 14, 2014
by: Doug in

Is the engine speed ramping up as you open the valve?

Is there a differential pressure switch across the filter?

Jul 12, 2014
pressure stays consistent.
by: Anonymous

Once the ball valve is opened. The pressure drops a bit not much. From 130 with valve close to 110-115 with the valve open half way and suddenly the machine shuts off.

Jul 11, 2014
by: Doug in

What's going on with the pressure as you open the valve?

Is it staying up or dropping off?

Any indication the motor is trying to put out more power?

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