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by stan hirniak
(Kilmore ,victoria ,australia.)

Ingersoll rand T30 Air compressor will not start with a diesel generator. It has been wired up correctly to a 20 amp rated three phase male socket.
The air compressor was dormant for many years and was recently acquired after a disposal/ auction sale.
Both the V twin motor and Toshiba electrtic motors are not seized as they can be turned by hand
The compressor has a auxiliary power board where it can be started and turned off.
I wired the four wires correctly as what was previously utilised in the auxiliary switch box.
The fifth wire was black and was not used.
The wires used are red,white,blue and the green/yellow.

Bill says….

Stan, this is well beyond my capabilities. I am happy to post your question in the expectation that those more learned than I may respond.

Of course, you could always liaise with IR directly? company.ingersollrand.com