Ingersoll Rand SSR M11 solenoid clicks but stays in unload

by Lee
(London, England)

Hi Bill, I have an Ingersoll Rand SSR M11 that I have inherited and am presently trying apply to a cabinet blaster. The issue I am having is that it wont build pressure and seems to be stuck in unload.

I can build pressure in the line only when I disconnect the air pipe that runs to the inlet from the top of the oil seperator.

I start the compressor in unload, no problem, let the oil warm up for a couple of minutes and then switch from UNLOAD to NORMAL but even though I hear the solenoid click, air is still running from the top of the seperator to the back of the air inlet and the pressure is keeping the valve closed?

I have checked the solenoid for power and seems fine 6v in unload and 48v in normal.

Any ideas?
Kind Regards Lee

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Sep 21, 2015
Solenoid malfunction
by: Lee

Cheers Carl, changed the solenoid valve today and bingo! Inlet valve opened and compressor loaded no problem.

Thanks Lee

Sep 18, 2015
inlet valve
by: Doug in

Apparently this is built to last about 8K hours.

How many on your machine?

Sep 18, 2015
by: Carl

As the solenoid clicks, it means that you are getting voltage to it which it great! But it means that the solenoid isnt activating, just replace the solenoid (not very expensive) then you should be up and running again. Let me know how it goes by replying to this thread

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