Ingersoll Rand p260 cuts out...

by ben shackleton
(falkirk scotland)

i have a year 2000 ingersol rand p260 ....the compressor starts and runs but cuts out after about 20-30 minutes when being used at full pressure while connected to my shot blasting kettle.....seems very hot so is overheating and shuts itself down....any help with this issue would be much appreciated.....thanks in advance

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Aug 03, 2017
Surely . . .
by: Doug in

. . . that would be enough.

I trust you have located the source of the gunk so it doesn't clog up again.

Let us know what happens when you get it back together.

Thanks, and good luck.

Aug 03, 2017
clogged rad
by: bteigrob

Ben, if you could let us know how that worked out for you with the rad cleaned, would be greatly appreciated. A friend has a unit with similar symptoms it would be great to know if this solved your problem. thanks

Aug 02, 2017
ingersoll rand p260 wd
by: ben shackleton

hi doug and sorry for delay in response....busy with work ,you know how it is..

ok so the IG P260 WD...

WE have removed the oil cooler and found that the cooling fins were completely clogged up with oily gunk and oil was only getting into one side of the oil cooler......i have had it in a bath of cleaning solvent and have had it completely cleaned out....going to put in back onto the unit tomorrow and the full service kit has finally arrived from ingersoll rand Europe.....10 days late i must say...full service and fingers crossed the old girl will be cooling herself down as she should.....

surely the oil cooler being stoked and clogged up must be the main problem??

regards as per.

ben shackleton

Jul 24, 2017
oil cooler
by: Doug in

Ben -

Uh, is it a dual core thing? Anyway, given the problem is overheating and rads are supposed to dissipate it, sure it could be the problem.

Is there a second set of hoses for that side?

Maybe someone "fixed" the rad by bypassing part of the core? I don't know. And I'm having a hard time finding a manual for your exact unit, but what you describe is unlike anything I've seen.

Definitely you want to figure that rad out...

Keep us posted - someone with personal experience may pitch in here.

Jul 23, 2017
ingersoll rand p260wd compressor
by: ben shackleton

Hi Doug.
ok so we have ordered a full filter service kit for the compressor,deciding to give the unit a full service...found that the compressor oil was very low in the air end tank so we have drained and replaced it but still getting very hot and shutting down...
with regards to the oil cooler radiator,today when monitoring it, it is heating up and getting hot but we have noticed that only one half of the oil cooler(the left hand side) is getting hot and only this side of the cooler is getting air blown through the fins...could this be the problem??

kindest regards
Ben Shackleton

Jul 17, 2017
p260 cuts out
by: Doug in

What is the air requirement of your kettle?

Less than 7 cubic meters per minute at 7 bar?

If so, then have someone monitor the machine to determine whether it's the engine or airend that's causing the stop.

The air is normally quite hot, is the oil cooler radiator getting warm or hot? It should, there's a thermo valve that should open and let oil in there when the oil gets hot.

Jul 16, 2017
ingersoll rand p260 wd compressor cuts out when used at full presure
by: ben shackleton

Hi Doug/
we bought the compressor a few weeks ago on the understanding that the unit had a full service in november 2016(last year)

we are just starting out doing shotblasting and paintwork and know all about our trade but nothing bout mending compressors so were just presuming that everything is oveerheating,the air the unit makes is very hot and we havent done any maintenance on the unit as yet...

unit is INGERSOLL RAND P260WD DEISEL TOW BEHIND COMPRESSOR year 2000 with 4680hrs on the clock.....

Jul 13, 2017
What's overheating?
by: Doug in

Engine or element?

Done any maintenance? Either routine or trying to fix this?

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