Ingersoll Rand model 7/41 Compressor wil not start on it's own

by Willy

I have an Ingersoll Rand Compressor model 7/41.

The compressor has had a full service ie all fuel, oil and air filter's were replaced, and the fuel system bleed of all air in the system.

The problem is it will crank over normally but will not fire up. It will fire up almost immiediatlly if you put a petrol soaked rag by the air filter inlet, it will fire up and run normally.

After running and working under load you can then switch it off, but if you try to start it say after 5 minuets it will not fire up unless you repeat the petrol soaked rag routine, and then it will run and work the whole day no problem.

What can be the problem? by The way I have another compressor same model with exactly the same problem, what give's

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Apr 25, 2014
fuel pump
by: vumani

Wanted to find out where phillip got his replacement pump

Oct 14, 2013
start problem
by: Philip

I had one do the very same thing, I changed the injector pump and it stated straight away.

Aug 30, 2013
by: taku

If the service included timing belt change, it is most probable that your engine timing is out by a at least a tooth.

correcting engine timing will fix this problem. This problem is typical in most deautz belt-driven engines. Their timing needs correct tools or technique with rudimentary tools.

If you are mechanically minded you can check this by removing the injector plug on your number one cylinder (the injector closest to the front wher the fans are) insert a thin (=/- 3mm) stiff wire into it until it sits on the piston (it will not go in any further), turn on the fan manually and slowly, gently moving the wire up with it to avoid the wire getting pinched by the upward movement of the piston. do this until the wire gets right to the top of the engine and starts travelling down again. when you get to this point move the fan in the opposite direction to go back to what you would perceive as the highest point of the piston (shallowest point of the wire).

You may repeat this fan movement around this highest pint a few time to be sure. This is called top-dead-center or TDC. Once certain, if its a deutz engine, look on the engine side opposite the starter towards the rear end of the engine, the is a plug (bolt) on the block which is at the level of the camshaft. if u remove this bolt the hole leads to the camshaft.

If you insert a rod of about 5mm diameter into this whol, it should go into a hole in the camshaft and lock it from any movement. attempting to turn the engine through the fan will not produce any movement. if this happens, the timing will be okay. If the engine turns, your timing will be out and need correction.

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