The Ingersoll Rand P175
          Tow Behind Compressor

Even though there are thousands of Ingersoll Rand P175 tow behind air compressors in use and for sale around the world, so far at least, I have not been able to get any information on this venerable compressor from IR, except that it's a portable, and that it's supposed to provide 175 CFM of air flow.

The oldest P175 I've seen on line was built mid-'70s, making the model number at least 40 years old.

Have you an older IR P175? Feel free to use the forum form below to send in a few photos and give us some history on your P175 air compressor, if you would like to brag about it a bit. Or complain, for that matter!

Ingersoll Rand P175 air compressor

Lots of them are in use. Not a lot of information about fixing or maintaining them... at least as far as I'm able to find. So, this forum page is to let users of the P175 compressor to post questions about their compressor (please upload photos showing the problem area).

If you have experience with the P175 and see a question you can help with, please comment. That helps the one person, and anyone else that finds the page that is experiencing the same issue with an IR P175 portable compressor.

All IR P175 compressor users, and me, say thanks a bunch.


Ingersoll Rand P175 Tow Behind Air Compressor

Having an issue with your Ingersoll Rand (IR) P175 tow behind air compressor?

Here are other visitor's issues with Ingersoll Rand P175 compressors

Please see below.

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Looking for a rubber drive coupler for my 1980 175CFM Ingersoll rand trailer mounted air compressor. Do you know where I can locate one?

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P175 books and parts 
I'm having a heck of a time coming up with a parts detail of my IR skid mounted P175 air compressor. Two years ago I fixed this for a customer and …

Manual for IR P175? 
Need to find a manuel on one of these? Looking everywhere, its a 175

Tighten nut to stop hydraulic line leaks? 
Main Hydraulic line leaks. Which way to turn the smaller nut to tighten? I can't see how the internal mechanism works inside the big 2" hydraulic line …

hydraulic fluid keeps leaking out of the fill cap 
Hyd fluid keeps leaking out of the fill cap overflow when running and the oil level is correct .also what type of hyd fluid should I use for a late 80's …

Is there a water drain on the P175? 
Is there a water drain on the P175?

IR 175 Truck Mounted Air Compressor will not produce air 
I maintain a fleet of trucks and on one of them has an IR 175 generator air compressor unit which recently stopped producing air pressure. I know very …

Need parts - help - specifically the compressor coupling gear 
Need parts any help? Specifically the compressor coupling gear. Coupling gear for clutch broke

p175 awd does not idle down 
I have a p175awd compressor cant figure out why it dosent idle down just keeps building pressure and blowing it off

Where to get manual for a P175 tow behind  
I have a P175 tow behind older model where can I get a manual for it?

Need Parts for Ingersoll Rand P-175-WD tow behind 
I have an Ingersoll Rand P-175-WD tow behind compressor I need parts and also manuals for it. Any Help.

Oil runs out of the air inlet for P175 
I have a p175 wd with the air compressor running air compressor oil runs out of the air intake for compressor.

I-R P175 builds air OK but won't kick back in again 
I-R P175 builds air OK initialy, then idles down as it should when you stop using air. However, it won't kick back in unless you pull out 'start-up' …

oil coming out of the air intake on a P 175 air compressor 
i have a P175 air compressor I am having oil coming out of the air intake

Oil for a IR p175wd air compressor 
I have a IR p175wd 1980's and am wondering what type of oil the compressor takes it is rotary screw I looked everywhere but found no definitive answer, …

Only have 90 psi on my IR P-175 
Just bought a IR P -175 and don't know to adjust the PSI output. The unit runs great just can't get it to go over 90 psi. It does not matter if it's …

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