Ingersoll Rand 2545 contactor overheating

by Danny

Hi Bill,

Ingersoll Rand Model 2545 10hp 3 phase 120gal - Contactor overheating

I've got a 10 year old IR 2545 that I purchased used from a small packaging company. Service records show it was properly maintained.

Originally a 460V 3phase, I converted the motor starter to 230V 3phase that I have here at my shop. I have a Seimens contactor and overload relay for the starter.

For first couple years of moderate use no problems. With heavier use I have noticed contactor getting warm, then getting hot. Eventually the contactor would melt and sometimes fry the coil.

On one occasion I replaced the contactor, got into moderately heavy use again and contactor melts again, I figure OK, I'm pushing the compressor too hard.

Here's the troubleshooting help I need. I replaced the contactor, fill the tank, drain it, refill again. The contactor melts on the second refill!

Ordered new coil, tried again, contactor getting very hot again on initial tank fill cycle (timed to 13 minutes if that helps).

Here's some basics I've checked:
- Replaced pressure switch, I think unrelated to problem, with new OEM switch from IR)
- Proper size wiring and voltages to contactor (have not checked FLA going to motor, but wonder why that would change?)
- Overload relay test
- Oil drained and changed
- Belt deflection checked and tightened
- Bubble tested various spots with no obvious air leaks

I'm hoping it's something I'm overlooking that I could check before considering the "Step Saver" gasket and valve rebuild kits.

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you.

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