by Lee Gentile
(Norfolk, Massachusetts)

Compressor starts fine, and will run as long as you hold key switch in start position. As soon as you let key switch return to to on position, it loses power to the fuel pump.

Have jumped power directly to fuel pump, and will run fine then.

Is there a solenoid or switch somewhere that could go bad, and cause the machine to lose power to pump when switch is in on position?

Just put in new switch, and double checked power out when in on position, and there is power going out.

Old Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor
Old Ingersoll Rand 185 air compressor


185 start/run
by: Doug in

The power is leaving the switch? but not getting to the pump?

That says the wire is broken somewhere.

If you can’t easily trace it to find the fault, you can just run a new one. It’s possible the old one could short at the fault, so disconnect the original (and tag it) too.


Check your safeties

by: Anonymous

I had the same problem on my 1995 Ingersoll-Rand 185. The problem was that the over temp sensor on the screw head somehow become disconnected. The problem you are having sounds like mine, and that is one of the safeties is kicking on preventing the machine from running any longer double check all of your safety sensors connections.

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