Ingersol Rand T30 2420d5 wont kick on

by Levon
(Boise ID)

IR T30 2420d5. Compressor only kicks on manually.

Initially it stopped working, I tested (w/parts from a known good compressor) the motor, all the valves, and then finally I found the electrical "starter and relay" was faulty.

I replaced with a new electrical unit, wired it exactly as it was before, and it worked great for a couple runs, then found out that the electrical unit was under rated and burnt out.

Replaced it again, wiring correctly again, and the new, correctly rated electrical unit, only kicks on and builds pressure when pressing and holding the button. Any ideas, possibly another faulty electrical unit or maybe a pressure switch?

Bill says...

Hi Levon. Boy, your air compressor's been giving you the run around, hasn't it?

From what you have described, I would look to the pressure switch next.

Use your multimeter and see if power is running from the pressure switch to the motor when the tank pressure is below normal cut in, and when you don't have the manual pushed.

If no power, then it's likely the switch.



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