Information on Atlas Copco Prime Air compressor. Would appreciate the help.

by Zach
(Massachusetts, USA)

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Front

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Front

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Front
Atlas Copco Air Compressor Pump and Motor
Atlas Copco Air Compressor Left Side
Atlas Copco Air Compressor Motor Info

I purchased an Atlas Copco Prime Air air compressor yesterday and cannot find much information or manuals on it. Not sure if there have been changes made to it or whatnot, but it looks in prime condition. I picked it up for $20 bucks. Family had moved into the home and just wanted it gone. Pretty much i paid them to take it away. Hoping there is someone that knows anything about these compressors and if i could get whatever information they are willing to give me. Ill make sure to upload photos of the Tags on the Compressor pump, and Electric motor as well.

Below is The Pump/Compressor Information Tag.

Atlas Copco Prime Air air compressor: 5HP 230V
Type TE22B
Serial N SNY 339010
Max Working Press bar(e) 10
Max Speed RPM 1800
Made in France
Atlas Copco 2235 2072 00

Motor Info On Attached photograph.

Just let me know if there is anything else i can give you fine people to help identify it. Thanks for your time.

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Apr 24, 2017
Dona R.
by: Doug in

Thanks for the updates - appreciated.

Apr 23, 2017
found o-ring
by: Dona R.

Hi everyone, well its taken me almost 2 years but I found a place to get the proper o-rings, this gentleman took 2 hours of his time to investigate and locate them for me, I am happy as can be, my compressor is up and running for less than $40.00! if anyone would like this mans info email me at

Apr 06, 2015
seal update
by: dona r

ok guys there is only 1 o-ring available and i'm not sure which one it is but i am ordering it are numbers thru atlas:

Item Number Qty Price Disc Price Stock PGC Description
0663713700 1 5.88 .0 5.88 175 4VM O-RING:M 64.50IDX 3
hope this helps, am still hoping to find the kit...dona

Mar 18, 2015
update seal kit
by: dona r.

Ok I have the new #s for the 2 rubber o-rings aka(seals) and gasket it is # 2235-9947-60.....I have calls into 3 different companies for availability and soon as I hear back I will post the info...

Mar 14, 2015
Swedish Manual
by: Zach

Hey Dona, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't mind emailing me a copy of the Swedish manual. ill see if i can get it translated by a friend of mine. I haven't found much info since i put up my photos and spiel so anything anyone has is more than i do. i did get mine hooked up to 220 for a test run and it works great. None of my O rings were deteriorated nor did i find any significant damage which was pretty nice. My email is Thanks again. if i can get any more info ill let you know if a kit can be found or one matched and made do.

Mar 12, 2015
atlas copco primeair
by: dona r.

I have a vertical 5hp compressor also that I have been trying to get parts for, I did manage to get info, pictures,diagrams, parts #s etc but its in Swedish, I think,

I have been trying to get it translated but to no avail..And Im in desperate need of a seal kit #2235 9913 60..

If anyone would like copies of pdf, which is from Atlas Copco AB in Stockholm post your email address here..

I would appreciate it if you find parts availability to please let me know..

Mar 12, 2015
atlas copco primeair
by: dona r.

I also have the same come vertical compressor and have gotten info on it but its in Swedish i believe and im having trouble getting it is from atlas copco AB division in

i also have parts lists with numbers..good luck trying to find the parts, i'm trying to find upper seal kit now.

if any one wants a copy of pdf files just contact me at and i will send you a copy with the prevision that if you can find a place for parts you will contact me with the info..sound fair?


Jan 16, 2015
60gallon vertical PrimeAir
by: Ron

I picked up this Atlas Copco PrimeAir vertical 60 gallon compressor a few days ago. It's got the same motor and pump as yours, so I figured I'd post up what info I've found. I emailed Atlas Copco looking for any info they could provide. They replied promptly and told me that their system has no info on my Serial # and model #. The tank is dated 1984 so maybe they just don't keep records that long. They used the term "multi brand" to describe it and said they think it may have been made for a market outside of the US.

Here are a few links to pictures of mine:

Nov 19, 2014
by: Doug in

Sounds promising.

Nov 17, 2014
Success - Hopefully...
by: John

Well, I measured the O-Ring groove and believe I found an O-Ring on Ebay that should fit. Claims to be made of Flourine and is supposed to be heat and chemical / oil resistant. It is coming from Hong Kong, so I hope to have it in about 3 weeks. For only $7.98 I felt it was a reasonable gamble.
Will post results when it arrives.

Nov 16, 2014
by: Doug in

If there's support, I don't see it.

If the machine is otherwise viable, then you should be able to match the ring with something generic.

You'll need the diameter and thickness of the ring and lots of perseverance (or not, if you're lucky) to find something close. Good chance it's metric.

Getting one or two may be a problem as well. But if you find them, maybe you can sell off the extras.

Good luck.

Nov 16, 2014
Atlas Copco Compressor Parts
by: John

I have the same compressor as Zach from Massachusetts, but on a vertical tank. The compressor pump is a Type TE22B S/N 333689. The O ring between the cylinder and the bottom head plate is broken and I could feel pulses of air leaking at the seam / joint as it ran. Is there any parts support for these compressors? Is there a parts diagram showing the part numbers? Is there a generic O ring that I can use and where might I find one?
Thanks for your time & any information

Aug 16, 2014
by: Doug in

all I can tell is they probably went obsolete mid-80's.

Hope it works.

I doubt the stuff shown in your left side pic is stock - what is that - a filter, regulator and??

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