Information about a Curtis compressor model# vp304

by James Hanson
(Clarkston, Wa. 99403 USA)

Curtis Pneumatic Machinery Division, Model# vp304. 16"x30" 30gal tank.

Compressor Serial# 3008(A) 16822, has a 2 5/8" bore.

It has an unloader attached to the top of the head and linkage running to some sort of centrifugal linkage to the flywheel.

I am looking for a repair manual, repair parts and any other information I can get.

I want to use it for my every day compressor.

Thank-you for any info you can provide.

James Hanson @

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May 20, 2015
Curtis compressor model # VP304
by: James Hanson

Thank you for your info on my compressor.

I got it at an auction (a storage trailer)this last weekend and was excited that it had this compressor in it, one of many cool items.

I got it home and plugged it in, it sucked but wouldn't blow to fill the tank.

Finally had time to look at it today and discovered that the un-loader valve plunger was rusted in the open position.

After cleaning it up along with the intake and exhaust valves and reassembled it, I plugged it in and it immediately started to fill the tank.


It is now in my shop to be used as my every day air compressor.

Oh by the way it will fill my 30 gallon tank to 150 psig in 7 minutes, and quietly not like my neighbors new 2 stage crapsman.



May 20, 2015
Curtis VP304
by: Buster Norris

Hey James, I have a couple of these old Curtis compressors and I use one for my shop everyday.

I found some sales literature from the 30's but never did find any kind of service manual.

Yours is a single stage, max pressure is 100 psi.

The linkage from the pulley wheel to the top of he head is the unloader linkage controlled by the weights on the pulley.

Mine works good after I replaced some of the broken springs and I had to make some valves. I could not find any valves for it but made some out of a putty knife blade.

These are good old compressors that keep on going, and going with a little TLC. I have a few pics if you would like to see them, let me know. Have a great day,

Buster Norris

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