Info on a 3/4-HP Jacuzzi air compressor of '60's or '70's

by Craig C.
(Walnut Creek, CA)

3/4-HP Jacuzzi air compressor

3/4-HP Jacuzzi air compressor

Just got this nice little machine via Craigslist, and am hoping to learn how much SCFM it can produce, and how best to take care of it.

It runs quietly, and is surprisingly heavy.

It seems to be a 1960’s or 1970’s, but am just guessing (it doesn’t appear to have ever had a belt guard; when did THAT become a reqt?).

I hope to run shop tools with it; one at a time, of course.

Specs below:
Mfr: Jacuzzi,
Mod# SP3ZH301P/A,
ser# 5J7088874 (these are from a very smallplate on the cast iron compressor body, any unit tank sticker is gone).

Dayton Motor (mod# KS60NC-1207), 3/4HP, 1725 RPM, 115v/230v.

Motor sheave is 4”dia, and the cast iron combo flywheel-fan-sheave dia. is 8.75”.

The tank weight feels to be at least 3/16” thick steel, and calculates to being about 8.3 gallons (9”dia x 30”long).

Based upon the one pressure gauge and its operation, its current pressure switch setting is about 160-psi.

So, to reiterate, hope to learn its age (always an interesting fact), how much air it can/could produce, and does anyone have a manual for this machine, or can you refer me to a manual for another of similar vintage, that would have similar operating & maintenance guidance?

Had difficulty loading photos. I resized such that 4 were 45k ea, but it still wouldn't take it, so I am sending just one under 1MB, hoping it makes it.

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