Info. Needed On This Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor

by John
(Colorado, USA)

Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor

Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor

Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor
Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor

ID and Info. Needed On This Dual Head/Cylinder Compressor 22+ y.o. Green 5-15 gal.

This compressor is a family handed down tool. My Grandfather used it a lot and was the original owner as far as I know. I know he had it a minimum of 26-27 years ago but know nothing about how much longer he may have had it or where it came from. It sat in my Father's garage unused for a decade or so before coming to me.

It currently runs but blows breakers on the house before it can be used. The power cord is pretty shabby and may be shorting out between the pressure switch and the electric motor. The paint on it appears to be original. The compressor is in generally good overall condition. There is some rust where the paint/finish has been damaged and it is dirty but the gauges work and there aren't any leaks.

There is a "Part # P3582-A" on the electric motor which based on a limited search appears to be a Gardner Denver part number for a motor similar in description and they also make compressors. One other identifying mark "FURNAS" shown in the photos on what I believe is the pressure switch. The big label is for Montgomery Ward but they would have OEM'd a unit like this from someone else. There are no other markings I have found without cleaning it or taking it apart.

Any information I can find or that can be deduced from the photos (specs etc.) by those who know would be great. I want to use it in my shop to blow air for cleaning and running power tools (primarily orbital hand sanders and angle grinders) if possible. I would like to break it down and completely refurbish it so I know it is in good working condition as well as to help it last. If it is something that should be refinished originally I am open to that but if not I plan to make some minor changes during the rebuild.

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Jul 11, 2017
Jacuzzi air compressor
by: William

I have this same air compressor. It is a Jacuzzi, brand Air Compressor.

Jun 20, 2017
by: Doug in

John -

I have found that a good heavy duty (rated 15A, as opposed to a lot of them rated at 13A or less) power strip on a short (<10 ft or 3 meters) cord won't generally be a problem for a compressor, all else being equal.

Jun 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

This is a small Champion pump.

May 21, 2017
Thanks Doug
by: John

Thanks for the link Doug. There is so much information on this site. I'll test a bit more with the circuit. I had it plugged into a power strip for an added layer of protection for the house but I tried it at my father's house too with similar results. I can't say what amperage the breakers I have used are thus (15 or 20) far but will investigate further.

May 20, 2017
start up blows breaker
by: Doug in

Regarding that, it could be a motor problem, but before getting into that look here:

Looks like a quality machine.

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