Info for "Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20"

by Andrew
(United States)

Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20

Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20

Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20

Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20

Looking for Owners/Repair Manual for "Sanborn Magna Force M109C400-20"

I came across this compressor for free and all it needed was a replacement regulator knob that I was able to get off ebay or Amazon. Now i'm in need of a belt (its a belt driven/oil bathed unit), since i'm not the original owner & receieved it for free. Just not totally sure the belt on it is correct and would really like to find a Owner/Repair Manual for this unit.
Sanborn Magna Force
Model No.= M109C400-20
Motor HP= 4Hp
Phase 1, 115 Volts, 15 Amp, 60 Hz
Tank Size= 20 Gallon
Tank W.P.= 135 psi

i'm in the middle of cleaning it up due to the regulator knob and i just bought a replacement belt from what was on there which was a "Bando Power King A-51 Ban/Set belt"

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Aug 04, 2017
by: Andrew

Thank You Doug, I really do appreciate the looking out. Something I forgot to mention, in my initial Post/Question. I came across the one you mentioned already online. I was NOT able to find a manual that didn't involve paying because you never know if what you need is in there. Don't want to throw $$ away.
Thank You,

Aug 03, 2017
by: Doug in

This looks like what you want:

Click the manual link - $4.95

Aug 01, 2017
Sanborn Air Compressor M109C400-20 Manual
by: Andrew

I'm in need of a Manual for this compressor, I ready got the replacement Belt for it. Maybe I messed up explaining what I was in need of when I posted.
To clear things up I'm in need of a Owners/operator/repair Manual for a "Sanborn Magna Force Air Compressor Model #: M109C400-20

Jul 28, 2017
by: Doug in

Nice score for the price.

If it sits in the grooves on your pulleys, good 'nuff.

But if not, then a turn at the belt store with measurements of said grooves should get you what it needs.

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