Increase RPM to increase CFM?

Hi I have a compressor that is 5.5 HP and is running at 900 rpms. It makes 24 cfm and 180 psi at this rpm. I was wondering if I increased the rpms if I would get more cfm. If I do how much. Thanks

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Jul 10, 2015
Increase compressor RPM
by: Bill

While the theory is sound, it's my opinion that your air compressor is probably running at the designed RPM.

By increasing that RPM you will move the operation of the compressor out of safe design tolerances and noraml operational envelope, and that might damage or destroy pump components.

If fear of that happening isn't a deterrent,then fill your boots.

Is the potential increased CFM linear? That I do not know, and will leave that for an air / mechanical engineer to comment on.


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