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Please help me identify this compressor. It seems to be a twin piston single stage. Correct me if I’m wrong. The only two numbers I can find on it are R50043-2 and A50169 which are located near the outlet. I believe the original color is a pale green. It seems to have been painted over with red, says Bill Condon.

Doug in s.d.ca offered this suggestion.

“It seems to be a twin piston single stage.” If the pistons are the same size, for sure. I was wondering about the 1/4 tube between the two, but then saw the inlet on the other side, so that’s probably for the unloaders. Sorry, that’s all I got.

Buster Norris was kind enough to offer this. Hey Bill Condon, what you have there is a Brunner, possibly A650 model, they were absorbed by Dunham Bush in the ’60s I think and parts are extremely rare to find, if impossible!

I just went through one for a friend and they are built like a battle ship! Great little compressor, about 5 CFM, @ 600 rpm!

I had to make all the gaskets and recondition the valves and seats and it works great now, so my friend says, lol. Just my 2 cents worth, lol,

Have a great day!!