Identify compressor pump?

by Neil
(Wauconda, IL USA)

compressor pump

compressor pump

compressor pump
compressor pump
compressor pump and sheave
compressor pump

I picked up an old compressor and I am trying to identify the pump.

It has been painted so I can not find any model information.
The tank is stamped 1989 and the pump is stamped 86 but I am fairly sure they were originally together.
It is a 60 gallon, 2 stage 5HP 220 V unit.
The motor is probably not original. It is a Dayton motor; 6K794AE.
The tank is a BRUNNER Eng.&Mfg. from Indiana, and is 200 PSI rated.
It may have been a MATCO branded compressor based on the pressure gauge.

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Nov 04, 2016
More Help needed
by: Neil

OK, upon more information it seems to be a 1986 model K28.
Does ANYONE have a Rol-Air or Chinook manual or diagram on the K28 from around 1986?

Nov 01, 2016
Found it!
by: Neil

It is an older generation Rol-Air K24/25 pump, and Rol-Air tells me that the current generation parts fit.

They even designed the new head to take either the new bolt on connections or the old pipe thread connections.

It is great when a company does not forget their legacy equipment in the design process!

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