I need new gaskets air coming out of air intake

by Don Andersen
(Fargo, North Dakota)

JobSmart air compressor Shroud removed

JobSmart air compressor Shroud removed

JobSmart air compressor Shroud removed
JobSmart air compressor Reed valve seals this hole on compression

I took my JobSmart air compressor apart today because it can only get up to 50 psi. I have to assume the input reed valve was not closing all the way. It was somewhat corroded and dirty. Now I need new gaskets, but I don't know my model number. It is 10 gal purchased Aug 7, 2010. Completely different from current ZJ3040SA.

If you have the old gasket, Don, you likely can pick up some high heat gasket material from an auto parts outlet. Cut the new material using the old as a guide.

If you destroyed the old gasket when disassembling the pump, over the gasketed surface with a sheet of paper and use the side of a pencil lead, moved lightly and rapidly over the surface, to trace the gasket path, and use that sheet as your master to cut out a new gasket.

That is, of course, unless some kind visitor leaves a comment with where you can acquire an OEM gasket.



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Oct 14, 2014
Another thing
by: Don Andersen

another thing to check is the one way valve that keeps the air from coming back out of the pressure tank. My compressor had some black gunk in it that kept the valve from sealing. I thought the pressure cutout switch was leaking but that was not the problem. Bill mentions that somewhere in his book.

Oct 13, 2014
Made new gaskets:)
by: G

I had the SAME problem as many others with the compressor not pressurizing beyond 50psi after minimal use... So I took the (4) top bolts out and removed the head and the gaskets were horrible and shredding...

So, I got some gasket paper from AutoZone.I cleaned the old nasty green gasket junk off and made myself (2) new gaskets.

Take the gasket paper and place it over the area and use a ball hammer and tap around the area to create a stencil (it was perfect)...

Then use an exacto knife and cut out the gasket...

Put it the head back on and screwed down the bolts and she runs like a champ:)

So, if you have problems with the unit pressurizing, change the green gaskets where the reed valve is (top 2 gaskets).

Jun 15, 2014
It worked
by: Don Andersen

I used one gasket that I ordered and made the other one. The auto parts store guy sold me regular gasket material so I hope it can handle the heat.

Jun 07, 2014
Available gaskets
by: Don Andersen

When all else fails, call their toll-free number. The people were very helpful. Two of the three gaskets were available. i had to make the third one. Now waiting for delivery.

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