I need compressor to shut down when leaks happen?

by Evan Schwalbe
(Fond duLac, WI USA)

I work at a station that has an airline for public use, for filling tires.

Sometimes the "public" runs over the air line / hose and creates a leak.

The compressor can't catch up and runs until a overheats usually taking out a bearing in the process.

Is there a device that I can plug into that would limit run time and reset after a set time?

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Feb 16, 2017
Public air stations
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

To Bill:
Yes, probably required by law, as it is in California.

Many stations have those coin operated things from before they were outlawed, and they have a button at the register that "deposits the fee" and turns on the pump.

But to the questioner - you could probably just put a simple timer and perhaps a mag starter on the compressor, and reset the timer as needed.

What kind of pump do you have?

Feb 15, 2017
Valve for tire fill line
by: Bill

First off Evan, you actually allow customer's to pump air and don't charge them? Wow!

Many tire fill stations now require the user to put coins into the slot, the compressor then runs for a set period of time, and shuts off.

I hate to advise you to do so, but that would be one way to resolve the issue as those devices have a built in timer which would resolve the compressor wear issue, but not the hole in the air line.

What you are trying to accomplish can be resolve too by using a small PLC and air valve. In order to determine the best mix of product, it would be necessary to know the conditions where the controller and valve would be placed... such as heated or not, wet or not etc.

Rest assured that a solution can be found. Your best bet is to talk to the distributors in your area that sell industrial air cylinders and air valves. Odds are good they've got an air circuit specialist on hand that can put together the right products for where you are.

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