i just installed a new jun-ir 6 it will only start once after that it will trip the brcker out

by Dan Johnson
(Yuma az)

I installed a new jun-air6 compressor I bought on ebay it will start once pump up to 100 lbs after the systems bleeds down to 60lbs it will try to start again but trips the breaker instead any suggestions Dan

Dan, did you say you bought a new Jun Air, or was it new to you?

Try this. Empty the tank to zero PSI and close the drain. Start the compressor. Does it start OK?

If it does, then when the pressure gets to the normal cut out, ensure that the unloader valve is working.

Also, there are a bunch of tips in the troubleshooting section about why air compressors will not start, or restart. I suggest that you have a read of those pages too.


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