I have an air compressor that only has a small tag on it

by Doug Lange
(Des Moines,IA)

Identify this compressor

Identify this compressor

Identify this compressor
Identify this compressor
Identify this compressor
Identify this compressor

The tag reads: compressor R2002 Type 7F-2. 2 cylinder, 3 belt X 16" pulley. Sorry, it's not much to go on, but i appreciate any input you might have. Thank You

, Doug

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Jun 25, 2018
Air compressor motor size
by: Tomas

Hi Doug.

Mine is also converted to an air compressor with a 100 liter (25-30 gallons) tank. It has a 3hp (2.2kW) motor.

Oh, and I just found that according to this document: https://www.about-air-compressors.com/support-files/brunner-refrigeration.pdf

...it had a 2 or 3 hp motor when used as refrigerator.

Mine hasn't been used in over ten years and I just started restoring it to a working condition. Do you have any idea on age?

By the way, the text in parentheses in my previous post is not stamped on the nameplate but show possible alternatives or uncertainties. And the pdf link above indicates that R2002 = R-2M2.


Jun 24, 2018
Brunner compressor
by: Doug

Thank you for taking the time to post answers to my question. The nameplate info you provided is what i was looking for. The unit was used as an air compressor when I got it and I plan to match it with a motor and mount to a tank. Any ideas on motor size?


Jun 23, 2018
Some more compressor info...
by: Tomas

I have what appears to be a very similar compressor. The tag on my compressor say this:

Order all parts by
model, type and serial no.
Model: WCX200FC
Type: B7F
Unit ser.: R2252
Comp.model: R2002 (=2M2?)
Comp ser: 611586
Charge: 40PSI (10PSI?)
Refrig.T: F12
Manufacturing Co
Utica N.Y.
Made in U.S.A. 76770(?)

Regards, Tomas

May 21, 2017
How this helps
by: Joe

I agree with Bill it is a refrigeration compressor. I took one off a refrigeration unit and made a air compressor out of it too.

Dec 10, 2016
It's a Brunner
by: Roger

It's a Brunner. Use the numbers on the tag to see if any parts are still around for it. You might wish to contact Atmosphair in Markham Ontario.

Dec 07, 2016
Identify this compressor
by: Bill

This appears to be a DUNHAM/BUSH air conditioning - refrigeration compressor.

Try contacting them and ask if this was an older model of theirs.

Dunham-Bush Americas
2125 NW 86th Avenue
Doral, Florida 33122
Click here to view map.

Phone: 305-883-0655
Fax: 305-883-4467
Email: info@dbamericas.com

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