I have a Ridgid air mobil air compresser..

by Clifford Squirr
(Junction city kansas)

I have a ridgid mobil air compressor and it will not build over 25psi

i have adjusted the cut in cut off switch but it didnt change nothing and adjusted the knobs ect and that didny change nothing

it will not build pressure past 25psi and it will no stop run

i havent been able to find a leak but if you put your hand around by the motor on either side you feel alot of air there but thats the only place you feel air

i check the blow by valves and it hasnt changed anything and they are closed

any info or help would be gladly appreciated

its not that old nor does it have that many hrs on it its in perfect shape and it is an oil less type so i know it dont need oil

but is there any recomendations and suggestions would be very much appreciated

i dont know what else to check except to put teflone tape on the threads to the tanks ect..

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Jan 10, 2019
Ridgid Tri-Stack ?
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

If not, please give model.

If so, does it make pressure when off the big tanks?

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