hydrovane hv02 tripod/receiver

by max


I was given a blown up hv02 PURS receiver mount hydrovane by my unkle, upon disassembly it was obvious it had ran dry, overheated and spat all the oil within the hydrovane into the receiver.

I bought a tripod mount hv02 PUTS hydrovane considerably cheap for $200, appears to be in good condition, its 3phase but will be converting it to single phase

I have a workshop manual which covers both the PUTS/PURS (tripod/receiver) mounted compressors.

Plan was to simply unbolt the tripod compressor, and mount it onto the receiver. But after having a quick look through the workshop manual, it seems there are slight variations of internal components between the tripod and receiver versions. The main problem being that the receiver mount has a different

my question is, can the tripod mount compressor be converted and mounted to the receiver?

the workshop manual is further confusing me as it states only the tripod mount version has an internal 'pressure control valve' - Yet the receiver mount version has a 'safety valve' - These two valves mentioned are mounted into what the workshop manual describes as an 'oil impingement cowl' - My PURS (receiver mount) has both of these valves.. which confuses me and possibly leads me to assume maybe this blown up compressor was originally a tripod mount converted to receiver mount ?

any feedback is muchly appreciated. As these small rotary compressors are fairly rare here in Australia. not a lot of open source information available for them


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Dec 06, 2015
HV01 / 02
by: Anonymous

I also forgot to mention , the end clearance is vital on these. aim for 2 to 4 thou of inch. check the clearance with the rotor you add or subtract the coloured shims which sit on the end of the stator, the major service kit has a set of these.

fit the rotor and stator when all clean in the housing while having it vertical. add a thin shim to the inner end and use a big shim on the outer. clamp up and measure the lift in the shaft with a DTi gauge ( clock gauge ). reduce the shim pack to get the correct float.

add the vanes and check again.

if you use the original vanes fit them in the original slots only do not mix them up.

if the clearance is too big the pump will run hot and have poor output, as the hot compressing air slips past the end of the rotor. if its too small ...... well it will be a short run !

Dec 06, 2015
HV01/02 Hydrovane 5
by: Anonymous


The Tripod version will run without a tank and
will open the pressure control valve at the set pressure, this will be on the data plate.

the air is sent back into the intake and the compressor will maintain internal pressure against the Minimum pressure Valve ( MPV )
its self regulating this way.

the tank model will shut off and bleed down into the intake box ( same place ) if the electrical switch ( pressure switch) is too high the press relief valve will lift this will be set over the working pressure its a fixed valve possible 12.5 bar.

either machine will work off the pressure switch but only a tripod model will regulate.

the unit bleeds down pressure though a jet located inside the separator housing. this part is a service item in the master service kit KM01 /02 the service kit only has the filters and some o rings.

P.S if the oil has been lost and its been running the Rotor stator unit ( RSU ) is finished.
the Stator unit is Not round inside it has a lobe in the side wall. you cannot machine this part.
you can buy new ones and vanes. I got some for a customers machine they were £80 each, not per set.

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