Hydrovane Air Compressors

Hydrovane air compressors, as their name suggests, are Vane type air compressors and are manufactured by Hydrovane of the UK. The origin of Hydrovane air compressors dates back to the 1940's.

Actual manufacture of the actual Hydrovane air compressor line started in the 1960's. Over the years Hydrovane was acquired by other companies, including Compair, and then Compair too was acquired by Gardner Denver, that acquisition taken place in 2008.

The head office for Hydrovane air compressors is:

Gardner Denver Ltd.
Claybrook Drive
Washford Industrial Estate
Redditch, Worcestershire B98 0DS
United Kingdom
Telephone + +44 (0) 1527 838200
Fax: + 44 (0) 1527 521140
e-mail sales@compair.com

Hydrovane air compressor

In North America, users of Hydrovane air compressors can contact the North American headquarters for assistance at:

Hydrovane Industrial Products
1800 Gardner Expressway
Quincy 62305
United States of America
Tel: 800 372 2222
Fax: 217 228 8247
Web: www.hydrovaneproducts.com

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Hydrovane Manuals available

A kind visitor was good enough to send me the following Hydrovane manual which you are welcome to download. Do save it to your computer for use whenever you need it.
Hydrovane Parts and Service Manual 501/502 Series



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HV37RS show fault 2,4,76 
HV37RS show fault 2,4,76. What problem.can u help me.

Hydrovane 501 not building pressure 
i have a 501 hydrovane, it is not building up pressure, just about 3 bar and continue running until i turn off. Can i solve it by changing oil and filter …

How to wire pressure switch on hydrovane 501 
How to wire pressure switch on hydrovane 501

Hydrovane only reaching 2.9bar 
Hydrovain compressor running but not getting higher than 2.9 bar.

HV 45 Rs Fault code R1F? 
What means the fault code R1F on a HV 45 Rs?

Hydrovane 501 long build up time.  
I have a 3 phase Hydrovane 501, seems to work fine sometimes - taking 3 or 4 minutes - to come up to 10 bar. Other times it can take 20 minutes to do the …

Adjusting pressure settings on Model 15? 
How do you adjust the pressure settings on a model 15. All I can see on the switch housing is R5H. It has a spring loaded horizontal plastic adjustment …

wires to contactor on Hydrovane 50 
we have a hydrovane 50 hp compressor,and on Friday afternoon it faulted.the wires from the terminal block to the line side of the contactor. i bought …

What model Hydrovane serial number 0112? 
Hi I am wondering how I know which model my air compressor is the serial number is 0112 as I would like to purchase a service kit

Hydrovane made a snap and quit 
My employee was in back by the compressor, HV04 and he heard a loud snap and now my compressor will not run. It will run on continuous run but not the …

Correct CFM of Hydrovane 17 ? 
Can anyone tell me the correct CFM on this model ? It's a Hydrovane 17. Serial number is 24HV414969/1 any help would be much appreciated thanks

HV05 service timer reset 
Looking to reset the service timer on my HV05. Just finished the service but do not have the engineer code to reset.

Service and parts info for a Hydrovane V37 
Halllo. I'm having trouble finding a service manual, part list and trouble list, for a new model Hydrovane V37, model V37ACE08-NSP2255 We are so …

Hydrovane HV05 has knocking noise  
Hydrovane HV05 makes a knocking noise that gets loader as the pressure builds. The rota and vanes have been checked and found to be in very good condition. …

Hydrovane HV02 does not build pressure 
Hello I just got my Hydrovane HV02. It was used but looked very nice. But when I turn it on it just keep 'working' and not building up air pressure. …

Hydrovane 68 boils its own oil 
compressor runs for 5 mins seems ok then after another 5 mins the oil is boiling and smoking from air filter all i can think is a blockage in the oil cooler …

Have a old Ford engine hydrovane 139 cwd  
Hi I have have a old Ford engined hydrovane 139 cwd running like a clock, but recently has started sending huge amounts of oil into the air lines Is …

Hydrovane HV22 leaking oil from solenoid valve. 
the normally closed solenoid valve is full of hydraulic fluid. Is this normal. Also, for some reason, the machine is tripping the main breaker it is running …

hv22 unlock code 
hi just done a service on my hv22 ace but dont have the unlock code to reset the service timer... would you have any suggestions?

Old Hydrovane 23, electrical fault need contactor 
hiya. would any of you guys be able to help me please. first off hydrovane 23..sorry thats all i know been trying to locate a contactor for it …

How to reset service hours on a HV 37? 
I have a hydrovane hv37 compressor.I want to reset the service hours but I don't have the code.is there a universal code I can use.thank you

hv02 keeps blowing fuse single phase 
hi my single phase hv02 has been sat in my shed for 3 years while we moved house now dug it out but it keeps blowing the fuse so took it to local air …

hydrovane hv02 tripod/receiver 
g'day I was given a blown up hv02 PURS receiver mount hydrovane by my unkle, upon disassembly it was obvious it had ran dry, overheated and spat all …

Does a Hydrovane 13 run all the time? 
Hi i have just aquired a Hydrovane 13 its an old machine the question is when it gets up to pressure is it right that the motor continues to run although …

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hydrovane 60 hp compressor with excessive oil blow by.  
I have comp air working on a new hydrovane My company purchased which continuously blows oil into the air. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue? …

Problem building pressure 10-PUTS Hyrovane Compressor 
HI, This compressor takes forever for the pressure to climb in the storage tank. There appears to be no leaks out of the tank, but it runs for a long …

hydrovane compressor struggles at cut off point 
We got this comp 2nd hand from an internet auction site. about a couple of weeks after that I began to hear the hydrovane start to make a crackling …

What does 0080 error mean? 
our hydrovane often has this error when starting and sometimes takes a number of restarts to get going.any idea on how to actually fix this error?

Hydrovane 43 Solenoid valve stays open 
Solenoid valve is open and will not close.The compressor continues to run I have shut it off and disconnected the power then restarted it and it is still …

Hydrovane 15 s/n 101075 green start button pops back up when it reaches 1bar 
Hello when I switch on the compressor it sounds great but the green start button pops back up when it reaches 1bar ish I bought this 2nd hand and have …

Holman 85G with Hydrovane SR6600 compressor blowing oil with air 
Hi I have an old Hydrovane SR6600 compressor that is blowing a lot of oil with the air. I have recently installed a felt kit in the oil separator along …

Severe loss of pressure on Hydrovane 23 
Hi, I have severe loss of pressure on a model 23, with air is escaping out and the inlet / air filter end of the machinem, it was puttig some oil through …

hydrovane 5 need a new start capacitor 
i need to get a new start capacitor for a hydrovane 5 but as the manufacurer has painted the capacitor when painting the motor i can find out what specification …

Hydrovane 33 Will Not Start Electrical problem 
I have an old Hydrovane 33 compressor, the previous owner had it but never looked after it very well. The contactor in the control box used to be held …

hydrovane 15 has problems starting 
Hi I have a hydrovane 15 compressor it runs OK, it stops to its set pressure (100 psi), but when it try s to start it has problems,I have notice that there …

Used Hydrovane 23 will not run needle gun properly 
I bought a used Hydrovane 23 a few weeks ago which has only 900 hours on the clock. I bought genuine filters and oil etc and gave it an oil/filter change …

Auto stop/start on hydrovane 66 
How and where would i fit a pressure cut off switch on a hydrovane 66 as the compressor is in one one room and the tank is in another and the only to stop …

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