Hydrovane 504 Problem

by Trevor

Hydrovane 504 air compressor

Hydrovane 504 air compressor

Hi Bill, I have a Hydrovane 504. It has started getting up to pressure and immediately on getting to approx 100psi it appears to exhaust somewhere inside it, drops around 10 to 15psi, then gets straight back up to pressure, then exhausts again.

Basically the rear gauge is bouncing up and down, accompanied by the sound of gushing air.

I have serviced the thing (oil, air filter, seperator, mpv). today I took off the seperator chamber rear cover and it's getting quite a lot of oil coming back through the seperator. Any suggestions ??

Thanks in advance, Trev

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Jan 11, 2019
by: Doug in s.d.ca.

Did this start before or after the service?

Is the oil return from the separator clear?

Do you have the manual?

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