Husky VT 631502 AJ - I want to wire the motor for 240 volts

by Joe Rowland
(Anaheim, CA, USA)

I have a Husky VT 631502 AJ air compressor that is currently wired for 120 volts. The motor indicates that it is an Emerson Motor Division in St. Louis. The small diagram on the side of the motor indicates that the power wires for both 120 and 240 volt operation go to the same posts on the motor. It seems to indicate that I move the white wire that is attached to the number 4 post to the number 2 post and move the brown wire that is currently on the number 2 post to a blank post. I can't find a wiring diagram any where else. Has anyone wire this compressor for 240 volts?

thank you,

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