Husky tank builds pressure, but does not maintain...

by Brian
(Sunrise Fl)


Husky tank builds pressure, but does not maintain like it should.

I have a Husky Pro 60gal, 135 max psi, 7hp air compressor. Rated at 11.8scfm @ 40psi and 10.3scfm @ 90psi.

The pressure regulator is rated turns on at 90psi and off at 130psi. (That would be what we call the pressure switch - Moderator) That all works just fine.

The problem is it builds pressure just fine but does not maintain while I'm using it.

I will use smaller air compressor tools such as a cut off wheel or DA sander and it will drop below the 90psi and kick on.

From there it will not build pressure and stay on constantly as long as I'm using the tool.

According to the tools rating, it should be able to handle its capabilities just fine but it doesn't. Please help me.

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Aug 13, 2018
Husky compressor gasket
by: Bill

If you can't find one commercially, you are not alone.

Lots of folks have to make their own.

There's a page on this site about making your own compressor pump gaskets.

Aug 13, 2018
How do i go about getting a new gasket for this?
by: Doug in

You might check the torque on the headbolts. With luck, they're just loose.

If that's no help, you need to figure out what model the pump is. Try looking up whatever you know, like something on a sticker (model #?) on the thing.

If you find it, and the part is available, great. Otherwise, you may have to fab your own from some material similar to what's on it now.

Good luck.

Aug 13, 2018
Checked for leaks
by: Brian

I didn't realize DA's used that much air. The air compressor was free so i was hoping with it being so big, i wouldn't have a problem.

About the leaks, I ran it today and towards the top of the head, i noticed a small leak where the gasket is. How do i go about getting a new gasket for this?

Aug 13, 2018
DA sander, depending on size, may...
by: Doug in

... need about 14 cfm, so your compressor will only run it for a couple mins at a time.

You may be able to get some more out of it - a 135 PSI machine would normally cut in at more like a 100 to 105 PSI.

Also, have you checked for leaks in and between the pump and check valve?

Aug 12, 2018
Husky tank pressure
by: Bill

Please be specific about what the manual says your air tool demand is in CFM at 90 PSI or whatever figures they provide and what is the air tool, please?

Add this info as a comment here.

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