Husky compressor won't build pressure past 50psi and shuts off I

by Brian
(Dublin, pa)

Husky 33 gallon oilless air compressor won't build pressure above 50psi and shuts off when I should get 150psi max and cycle on at 120psi I already replaced the pressure switch still same problem the valve plate and seals are good could it be motor start or running capacitors or check valve need help this compressor has only been used 5 times since new on very mild uses.any help would be appreciated thanks

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Nov 16, 2014
OK, check caps
by: Bill

Yup, time to check the caps. See the page on this site under troubleshooting for help with that.


Nov 16, 2014
compressor shuts down
by: Anonymous

It shuts down at around 50 psi the switch stays closed and has current flow on switch just replaced cause that that was problem problem but apparently not motor is not shutting down on thermal overload I think capacitors but I'm not sure
Thanks any help please

Nov 15, 2014
won't build pressure past 50psi
by: Bill

Brian, we need to know, when the compressor shuts off, what is shutting it down?

Is power no longer flowing past the pressure switch to the motor circuit at 50 PSI when it shuts down?

Or, is it that the motor is going off on thermal cut out and shuts down to protect the motor from overheating?

A multi-meter check of the voltage on the motor side of the pressure switch after the compressor motor shuts down would be a good check, if you are comfortable with doing that.


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