Husky TA-2530B Electric will not stay running?

by Eben Holmes
(Palm Bay, FL)

Husky TA-2530B (Photo:

Husky TA-2530B (Photo:


My compressor will not stay running or build any pressure. It starts up fine and runs for about 15 seconds and gradually slows down and sputters to a stop, along with a slight "burning" smell.

Here's the funny part....If you take off the check valves and/or open the drain valve on the bottom it will run all day, strong and smooth. Could one of my valves be bad? Thanks
Eben, I believe that your air compressor is stumbling to a halt because the motor can no longer overcome the increasing load as air is compressed into the tank.

You have confirmed this by running it without back pressure load. Removing the line from the pump to the tank allows the compressor to run without back pressuring the pump, and by extension, the motor.

There may or may not be anything wrong with your air compressor, depending on a few things.

The slight "burning" smell is often the hallmark of an overheating electric motor.

Are you using an extension cord? If so, that could be the reason. Stop using one or get an industrial, heavy duty cord as short as possible to power the air compressor.

If you are not using an extension cord to provide power to your air compressor, then with tank empty and compressor off, remove, dismantle, and clean the check valve before reinstalling it. Test the compressor. Any change?

Another thing that may be causing an overheating motor, aside from a mechanical pump issue, is that the start / run capacitor may have failed. An under powered electric motor will overheat, and a failed capacitor could be the reason. See how to test your capacitor linked from the sitemap page.

Any of this help?



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Nov 09, 2012
by: Eben

OK, thanks for the info. I'll go through the entire process tomorrow, and see if anything works out. Thanks for the advice!

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Will I kill my compressor??

by Bill Dolan
(Derry, NH)

I have a 4.5 gallon twin stack Husky compressor, and I just bought a IR 231G impact wrench. The compressor i rates for 4.9CFM at 90 PSI, and the gun is set for 4.2CFM, but the tank size worries me.

Does the 4.5 gal size mean I could blow up the motor? Will the flow be all over the place? Will I only get 2 seconds on the trigger?

I did read your blog, but could not determine if I would really be up a creek using my current compressor.

FYI, I am a DIY'er, and will use the Impact for my car, and other assorted projects..lagging screws into a new deck, etc.

Thank you for the help.

-Bill Dolan

Bill says....

G'day Bill. You note the flow and PSI of your compressor, but only the flow required for the air driven impact wrench.

If your compressor is 100% duty cycle (see DUTY CYCLE page for details) and it has the flow and pressure that your impact wrench needs, then you needn't worry.

Your air compressor will continue to run and put out enough compressed air at the right PSI to run your impact wrench.

If your compressor is not continuous run, and you try to use it as such, then yes, you can damage the air compressor... if not kill it outright. :-)



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vt631505aj pump pulley will not spin?

I saw that someone asked this question about a different husky compressor , but they didn’t appear to give you enough information for a thorough diagnosis , so I’m hoping you might give my question a shot.

I have a 30 gallon Husky pro compressor, model vt631505aj with pump number VT480000KB.

The issue that I am having is that my compressor motor will not spin the pump pulley with a belt on it.

The motor runs without the belt on it and it does not trip the breaker.

I have the compressor on a 120v 30amp circuit.

The motor runs fine but under load it does nothing it just hums, but if I remove the belt then the motor works fine.

I am not using an extension cord and the compressor is the only thing plugged in.

the pumps pulley moves relatively easy by hand but it doesn’t free spin.

I thought it might be the unloader valve but when the compressor is turned off the valve works fine.

I also emptied the tank to make sure it wasn’t a back pressure issue.

When the compressor is switched to the on position (unplugged) it still takes pressure and holds it fine.

I bought this compressor used and the previous owner upgraded the motors pulley. The original is about a 3” and the new one is a 7 inch pulley.

I tested the capacitors as per your website and they appear to be fine.

I’m at a loss as to what to do. Do you think that I might need to replace the original pulley as the new one is requiring to much power? Any help could offer would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work with the site, it has been an invaluable tool.
You have already done quite a bit to try and diagnose this compressor problem already, and I appreciate that you told me what you have done, as that eliminates duplicate efforts.

From what you have written, it seems clear to me that you have a power problem.

I don't think that the change to the 7" motor sheave from a 3" would be the sole cause of the issue of your compressor not running under load, but then again, it certainly would not help. What the larger sheave will do is drive the pump sheave faster, and that means speeding up the compressor pump. If the manufacturer had designed it to run with a 7" motor sheave, that's what they would have put on, so I would, it were my compressor, go back to the OEM sheave size.

If that resolves the compressor motor starting problem, fine. But I doubt it will.

You say you tested the caps and they are fine. Then the only other thing that comes to mind is that the motor itself is failing, and cannot generate enough power to rotate the shaft under load.

I would replace the sheave first so see if that resolved it. If not, I would take the motor to an electric motor rebuild/repair shop and ask them to test it under load.



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Husky TA-2530B compressor No air comes out of hose

by Steve
(St. Pete. Fl.)

Husky TA-2530B - Builds pressure to 120 for tank and 90 for tools. No air comes out of hose. Replaced regulator and still no air coming out of hose no matter what tools I attached.

Thank you
See under troubleshooting on the sitemap page.

I would suspect that your connector isn't opening your coupler to allow air to flow. In other words, a mis-matched pair.

Other things can be checked as noted on the pages.



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Sep 19, 2013
Thanks for your comments Bill.
by: Anonymous

I have been using the same connector and fittings for about 9 months now and has worked properly. The connector is an el-cheapo. Is it possible that it was not machined to proper tolerances and there is is slop when connected?
Possibly... though if they worked before, then they should work now, if only marginally.

Inside the discharge coupler should be a ball check at the very back center. Use something rigid but not too hard, and carefully push on that ball check with air in the compressor tank. If you push on the ball check - (watch your eyes!!!) and wear gloves - and you get a good blast of air out, then you have air at the discharge coupler. If there is no air at the other end of the hose when you plug the air line connector into the discharge coupler, then either the ball check isn't being opened by the connector, there is a blockage in the line (a car wheel sitting on it for example) or the discharge coupler at the end of the air line is not working.

Test it too, with the poke test, with the air line connector inserted into the discharge coupler - hold it carefully and watch out for line whip - and see if there is air in the air line / hose. If so, then it's likely the connector on the air tool that is not opening the coupler on the end of the air line / hose.


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