Husky 20 Gal -150PSI not turning on automatically

by Ems

We just bought a Husky 20 GAL (150 PSI) and have only used it 1 time.

The problem is that when using it it doesn't turn on automatically to fill up the tank again.

Meaning it turns on but after using it a couple of minutes the motor shuts off and does not turn back on to fill up the tank during use.

We have to shut the breaker off and drain it completely for it to start again. It is plugged in directly to the wall without extension cords...

I don't know if this one is just "a bad one" or are the Husky's lacking quality?

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Nov 24, 2014
Husky not starting properly
by: Bill

Well Ems, if this one was ours, we'd be taking it back and asking for a new one since it should be under full warranty since it's new.

No, I don't think Husky air compressors are worse than other DIY type brands on the market, and yes, you may have got a bad one.

I'm not sure from your post if the compressor fills to cut out the first time, and then not after unless you drain the tank. Is that right? If so, your unloader valve may not be working and, if for some reason you cannot take the compressor back and get a new one, check out the page about unloader valves and how they work. If yours isn't working, that could be the problem.


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