How to start a L6560V


Recently acquired a L6560V air compressor, didn't realize or even think of asking how to start it or ask for the electrical cord, hope you can help me out on this.

Also, where could I purchase the electrical cord for it?
If you use your browser to search for Devilbiss Compressor L6560V as I just did, you will find lots of information about your air compressor, including the source and price for a replacement cord.

From your post I am going to assume that your air compressor has no ON/OFF switch?

If that is the case then it will be the pressure switch, monitoring the tank air pressure, which will turn the air compressor ON and OFF as the tank pressure fluctuates within the parameters of the switch settings.

It's always good to send along a photo of each side of the air compressor with your questions, as it makes it much easier to zero in on any issues.



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