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by sean
(brooksville florida)

I have a hydrovane hv37 compressor.

I want to reset the service hours but I don’t have the code.

is there a universal code I can use.

thank you

Hydrovane HV37 air compressor (a new one)
Hydrovane HV37 air compressor (a new one)


by: Carl

You can try 8192 but be careful which other settings you change. Let me know if this works or not. If it doesnt then please start another post with a photo of the controller so i can find you the code
Hope this helps


HV 37 service code
by: Piter

this code is for diagnostics.
I am looking for a code to change the temperature sensor.
Please help


by: Carl

Which controller do you have? Pro? Delcos? Delcos 2 or 3000?

Each controller has different codes . Please reply with which controller it is.


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