How to reset service hours on a HV 37 Hydrovane Air Compressor?

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by sean
(brooksville florida)

I have a hydrovane hv37 compressor.

I want to reset the service hours but I don’t have the code.

is there a universal code I can use.

thank you

Hydrovane HV37 air compressor (a new one)
Hydrovane HV37 air compressor (a new one)


by: Carl

You can try 8192 but be careful which other settings you change. Let me know if this works or not. If it doesnt then please start another post with a photo of the controller so i can find you the code
Hope this helps


HV 37 service code
by: Piter

this code is for diagnostics.
I am looking for a code to change the temperature sensor.
Please help


by: Carl

Which controller do you have? Pro? Delcos? Delcos 2 or 3000?

Each controller has different codes . Please reply with which controller it is.


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Is there a fix for this? Hydrovane pro controller maintenance hours reset code.. 8192 doesn’t work.

try 0100 and scroll through

May you kindly help
1.   on how to fix the error input 1 on my hydrovane pro compressor hv37 ,May you kindly refer to the pictures attached to this email for more information .
what is error input 1,the compressor is running but there is no output
2.   am also looking for the maintenance service kit for Hydrovane pro HV37 for 6000hrs
3.   may you kindly help with the original manual for this compressor 


Am trying to set v11ace hydrovane from remote start back to local start any ideas

Hi, Does anyone know the lock code so I can reset the servive hours on our Hydrovane HV04ACE10? it has the pro controller.
I attach the plate details.

Hello Friends,

Anyone has the service code for HV22 Hydrovane Compressor with Pro Controller. I need it to change the Star-Delta time. It is configured in 1 sec, so the compressor doesn’t run.

Service code reset. 8192-P20-enter-SD-enter-increase days.-C to return to main display-press= should cancel service alarm.

Tengo un compresor hv22rs hydrovane y busco como restablecer las horas de servicio, me podrán ayudar

I have hydrovane compressor HV30, after changing oil i can not reset service hour, i don’t have master code. Now the red ligth is always blinking, please help me, i need the code to reset it. Thank you very much.

i have hydrovane hv30. i want to reset also service hours but i dont have any code for comprossor instruction. please somebody contact with service. i am at sea. please let me know. thank you for everything.

i have hydrovane hv15 I want to reset the service hours but I don’t have the code.

I have hydrovane pro can you provide the master code compressor is HVFR2B

I have an HV37 Hydrovane compressor. It odes not start if you press the start button. It only indicates that the motor is running on the screen, but nothing is happening. I suspect there weas wire tampering to the controller as some were pulled out. Can you assist with a wiring diagram, especially the wires entering the controller?

Regards, Rod

Rod said –
“…the motor is running on the screen, but nothing is happening.”
Is the motor in fact running, or is not running part of nothing happening?
There are some wiring diagrams, but ones I’ve seen don’t include pin-outs.
Maybe put up a pic (or more) of the wires in question? There’s a bunch of wires, ya know…