How to replace the belt on CAP 2000?

How do you remove the crank in order to replace the belt?

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Sep 10, 2015
by: Doug in

Remove the belt from pully, if it's on.

Slip the belt over the shaft that the big pully is on.

Simultaneously slip the belt over the motor drive shaft, and try to center it on the grooves.

Now push the belt over the edge of the big pully, and turn it away from the small pully so it rides over the edge (it's a little like mounting a tire on a rim, if you've seen that).

Keep going until the belt is fully in contact with both sets of pully grooves.

You may not be able to do this with just your fingers. If you need to, carefully use a screwdriver or similar to push the belt while you turn the pully to get the belt positioned.

Test. Replace cover if OK.

This shows what I tried to describe:

It's not exactly like yours, but the idea applies.

HTH - Good luck.

Sep 09, 2015
TY for the reply about the belt
by: brad

I have the crank off.

The belt barely fits the crank pulley.

I cant get my finger between the belt and the pulley. So, do you stretch the belt?

Sep 08, 2014
by: Doug in

Remove the fan cage (4mm hex, left-hand thread).

Rock the crank off with screwdriver.

Install belt. Use screwdriver to hold it on the drive pully, turning the driven pully.

That help?

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