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How to Inflate a Pool With an Air Compressor + Inflating Pool Toys

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Nobody particularly likes the idea of manually inflating a pool, it can be exhausting. An air compressor can save you of this darned job, and is probably the best and quickest method available.

This article will provide you with all the relevant information and steps on how to inflate a pool with an air compressor!

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Why Use an Air Compressor to Inflate a Pool?

You may wonder why you would use an air compressor to inflate a pool when you can simply use your mouth to blow air into it. Well, that can take a lot of time, especially if the pool is of a bigger size!

Air compressors can get this job done almost immediately with very little effort. Hence, why it is the far better option.

What Types of Air Compressors Can You Use to Inflate a Pool?

The most suitable options readily available on the market to inflate a pool or pool toys is an electric air compressor. These can easily be bought online or at a local sports store. The compressors are lightweight and hence are transportable, so can be carried to the beach or nearby swimming pools.

These air compressors are also suitable for tire punctures. For bigger pools, you may need a home air compressor which comes with a tank. These types are far more powerful and so will fill your pools with air in little to no time. You must however, make sure you don’t over-inflate the pool as this can easily damage it.

Pick the right area to inflate the pool and see that the area is clear of any sharp objects on the ground, to ensure the pool stays in a proper position.

How to Inflate a Pool Using an Air Compressor Steps

If you’re going to inflate your pool using an air compressor then follow these three simple steps:

  1. Set Up Compressor

    First of all, the air compressor must be assembled before starting the process. Connect all the parts and double-check it prior to turning it on and inflating your pool.

    If you have an air compressor with a tank then turn it on and allow the compressor some time to fill the tank with air. These units are a lot heavier and so will require more time to be able to operate properly.

    Battery-operated devices will allow you to start inflating not long after turning them on.
  2. Connect the Hose

    Locate the air filler valve on your pool and remove the cap. Take the air compressor’s hose and connect it to the air filling valve, ensuring the hose fits properly inside the valve so that the flap responsible for stopping air from escaping is disengaged.
  3. Start Filling the Pool

    After connected the hose properly, turn the compressor on and allow it to fill the pool with air. The pool will beginning to become bigger and bigger until it reaches its proper inflation.

    Make sure you don’t inflate it more than necessary. Check whether it’s filled or not and make sure it’s tight. If it is, do not fill any more as you may risk damaging it.

    Once complete, cut the compressor off and disconnect the hose from the pools fill valve.
  4. Replace the Cap

    Make sure to replace the cap on the pool’s fill valve.
  5. Turn Off Compressor

    Now that you have successfully inflated your pool, or toys, turn off the air compressor unit. Open it’s drain valve if necessary and drain the water from the tank (as you should after each use).

    Store the air compressor in a dry place until the next time you need to use it.

And there we have it, you have now inflated your pool or toys with an air compressor!

Youtube Demonstrations

I have picked out a couple useful youtube demonstrations on people like you, using their air compressors to inflate pools and pool toys!

If you have any questions regarding how to inflate a pool with an air compressor, please leave a comment below, with a photo if applicable, so that someone can help you!

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