How to cut replacement reed valve for imported compressor.

by Peter Humphry
(Guernsey U.K.)

How to cut replacement reed valve for imported compressor no spares available.

Have sourced suitable hardened and tempered spring material 10 thou thick but cannot cut it on a scroll saw even with a very fine blade (80 tpi) as it appears to be too hard. What method of cutting is recommended or what sort of blade should one use in a scroll saw? The material shears easily and cleanly using my bench shear, but this is no use for cutting the 'U' shaped reed. I have quite a well equipped workshop including a CNC mill.

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Aug 29, 2016
by: Doug in

Thanks for the description.

Can I borrow the CNC? LOL

Aug 29, 2016
Successfully making valve plate fingers
by: Bill

Congrats Peter. Lots of folks (including me) will envy your machine shop.

Many lower cost compressors have no parts supply lines at all, and often the compressor owner must either resort to making or cobbling together their own replacement compressor parts, or tossing out the compressor.

In a while, after you have reassembled and used the repaired compressor, would you mind letting us know here as a comment how the custom build valve fingers are working?

Aug 29, 2016
How I did it
by: Peter Humphry

Thanks for your suggestion- that is actually how I have done it since posting my question. Spring was a 'U' shape. First I made a jig to punch the two mounting holes in the spring sheet. I then sandwiched the sheet between two 3mm thick steel templates cut to the spring outline.( CNC mill a great help here) Honed and adjusted my tin snips to perfection to roughly cut the outline (to within 1-2mm taking care no cracks propagated into the spring area.) Finished off by grinding away surplus with a Dremmel tool fitted with small grinding wheel. About 45 minutes once jigs available. The process is feasible with simple shape like a 'U' but might be a bit more tricky with a complex finger shape. Regards and thanks.

Aug 27, 2016
by: Doug in

I imagine you could cut the general shape with your shears, then grind off the excess for the shape.

But maybe not - is it something more complicated than a feeler gauge type shape?

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