How To Add Remote Start/Stop circuit on a GA-90

by Dennis Vinas
(Batavia, IL)

GA-90  Start/Stop drawing

GA-90 Start/Stop drawing

Adding a remote Start/Stop and E-Stop to a used GA-90 Compressor.

At first , I added a momentary N.O. switch between 1X6-53 and 1X6-56 and a N.C. contact block between 1X6-54 and 1X6-55 for the 24VAC E-stop chain and another N.C. contact block between 1X4-44 and 1X4-45 for the 120VAC E-stop chain, both E-stop contact blocks actuate simultaneously.

Compressor starts but stops immediately after button is released.

I switched to a maintained Start/Stop actuator...compressor starts but builds no pressure.

I've attached a JPEG of my drawing of what I eventually end up doing to make the compressor run, load and unload correspondingly as per my remote pressure switch deadband settings.

Remember that in Remote Mode, the Elektronicon controller stops using the local Load/unload pressure switch.

Feel free to respond if you need further clarification.

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