How long with this air tool run with this tank?

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How long will this tank run this air tool?


Duration of pneumatic power tool using tank? How long in duration could I use a Chicago air grinder, that is rated at 90psi and 3 scfm?

Please assume that we regulated the pressure with a regulator appropriately.

How long (mins or hours) could i continuously use the grinder?

Link of Air Tool for specs:

Link of air tank for specs:

Chicago Pneumatic grinder
Chicago Pneumatic grinder Photo:

Happy to post this for you. The answer will rely on the pressure in the tank when you start using the tool.

I have looked at the tank, and even though it promotes hundreds of “shots” with a paintball gun, my gut sense is that it wouldn’t provide very much use time on an air tool like the grinder you refer to.

I don’t have a method of gauging this duration myself. If you have already purchased the tank test it. If you haven’t, I wouldn’t waste my money it were me.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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